Lifestyle Buddy System

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lifestyle Buddies

Making a life changing decision is a very emotional time, not only for those it directly involves, but also those around them. The first few days (or weeks) are ridden high on emotion, the desire to succeed is never greater, but this elevated state remains under constant threat from fear of failure, riddicule from others and an overwhelming feeling of being lost in the wilderness.

The Lifestyle Buddies System (LBS) offers people unique access to others who have, for whatever reason (s), decided that they wanted to change their own lifestyles and enjoy the benefits of weightloss, increased physical activity or in some cases rehabilitation from drug / alcohol dependancy.

Whilst each of their stories is very different, they all have a common desire to help others achieve what they have succeeded in doing for themselves - changing their lifestyle for the better.

The main aim of LBS is to provide motivational support, which all of our Buddies highlighted as being instrumental in their successes. This support can be accessed in many different forms - from the individual "blogs" of the Buddies, from the regular posts made to this blog by the Buddies, or by direct contact from an allocated Buddy - this maybe via email or, should you prefer direct communication.

If you feel you would benefit from LBS, please contact us via email, from the link in the side bar (to the right) for further information

If you wish one on one support, a brief outline of your goals will enable us to allocate you the appropriate Buddy to ensure you get the best possible support as you work towards your goal.